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NEW – Rapid Deployment CCTV camera from ESP


ESP’s new CanCam allows for recording onto SD cards for easy playback and is IP55 rated.

ESP have launched a new rapid deployment surveillance camera to its growing External Area Protection portfolio.

Named the CanCam, it features an integral PIR detector, with black infrared illumination and SD card recording of the high resolution images.

Versatile in use, this product can either record video with audio up to HD720P or stills up to 8MP recording directly to the 4GB SD Card supplied, with a capacity for larger cards available.

Recordings are then compatible with windows media player for simple playback, or alternatively, can be viewed via a TV. Although battery powered, the CanCam has an optional plug-in power supply for more permanent users.

Please get in touch on 01227 290247 for more information!!

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