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Invisible Sound

amina invisible loud speakers

Amina® invisible loudspeakers are unlike any conventional loudspeaker system. Although they use the term `loudspeaker`, it is far more correct to refer to it as a Distributed Mode Loudspeaker, or DML Panel.

The technology is based on the principle workings of soundboards within natural musical instruments, such as the acoustic guitar, violin or piano. Energy from the strings is transferred via a bridge to create small but powerful vibrations in the soundboard or body of the instrument itself. The vibration of the instruments mass-produces excitation of the air around it, and so the Amina DML panel emulates the way sound has been produced naturally, since the beginning of time.

In Amina® DML Invisible Loudspeakers, a tiny vibration created by a specially designed electronic ‘exciter’ (effectively an electronic tuning fork) sets in motion thousands of tiny vibrations all-over a thin lightweight but rugged aluminium honeycomb composite panel soundboard. It is through this multiplication process that the initial acoustic sound generated by the exciter is acoustically amplified. The soundboard, in turn, excites the adjacent air molecules, causing sound vibrations to enter the room in an almost non-directional manner.

Hence, a DML panel is perceived to always be facing the listener, regardless of location.

invisible loudspeakers


The SSP6™ Multiducer™ (multifunctional transducer) miraculously transforms nearly any panel structure into an audio speaker in the new form factor – Invisible. Revolutionary thinking has created the most compact and powerful-patented “invisible” audio systems available today.

Embedding the SSP6 Multiducer™ into walls, ceilings, floors, windows, furniture, vehicles etc., transforms non-acoustic materials and devices into high fidelity truly full range audio speakers. A two-minute installation coupled with real performance provides specifiers with a powerful tool to solve nearly all audio specification problems.

Drywall, wood, glass metal and other panel materials open up a myriad of installation opportunities. 70V multi-tap transformers round out the commercial installation possibilities.

The SSP6 technology is further leveraged by way of the patented CR2 and CR4 suspended T-Bar ceiling speakers. Using an entirely different subset of acoustical physics (bending wave physics), the SPP6™ introduces “Ergonomic Audio™” for the first time, projecting sound unlike any other conventional speaker filling the entire space with even sound pressure and frequency response.

A pair of SSP6™ Multiducers™ can replace six or more conventional speakers offering exceptional value with a more immersive sound field. Polar dispersion characteristics are unmatched in the industry. UL 2043 certified, IP65 waterproof and dustproof certified coupled with virtually solid-state construction makes the SSP6 Multiducer a reliable solution in all environments.

Simply magical. Invisible audio that is literally out of sight with performance to match.


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