Home Automation with Savant

A Single App Home – Your Whole Home in One Touch

Make it Your Own

Savant will help you create a home that is uniquely yours because we’ve designed our systems to suit the way you live.



Feel Safe

Your Savant Home texted to say the front door is unlocked. Lock it instantly—your home is within reach, even from miles away.


In your Savant Home, it’s never too bright and never too dark. Create a lighting scheme that’s all your own, indoors and out.


Savant can coordinate your thermostats and window shades to improve energy efficiency. It’ll save you money—and the effort of thinking about it.

Should you not want its full service, Savant’s modular designs enable you to pick and choose and are engineered to be expandable. This means, when you realise just how simple life is with Savant’s sophisticated assistance, you can enhance the features of your smart home with ease.


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