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HD / Sky TV Distribution Systems

All your HD content on every TV in your home…

TV is an integral and vital medium today. It can contribute positively to the education of society and people’s awareness of others. So when it comes to distributing it around our homes iSecure have some powerful products in our arsenal.

With a multiroom system installed you can access the content of any of the media devices that are connected to the system’s central hub. Watch one media device on all of your TVs at the same time or have any combination of media devices routed to any TV you choose.

Our services also include basic internal Sky, Freesat and Freeview distribution to new or existing TV points around the home, from the dish/aerial to the magic eye or TV we cover it all.




wyrestormboxAs an early Adopter Member of the HDBaseT Alliance, WyreStorm is a leader in the development and commercialization of cutting edge HDBaseT technology. From a simple WyreStorm 4 x 4 Matrix Switcher Kit with 2-Way IR to the extremely versatile WyreStorm 8 x 8 Class A HDBaseT 4K Matrix Switcher with HDMI Outputs Featuring 5Play™, our HDBaseT Switchers are the first choice for system designers around the world.



multiroom systemsA British technology company

HD Connectivity Ltd is a British technology company based in Malvern, Worcestershire, that designs and manufactures High Definition Multimedia Interface (HDMI™) connectivity and signal distribution products for the home under the brand name HDanywhere™.

Our products deliver enhanced value by unlocking the potential of underutilised HD-capable devices, stuck on standard definition signals.

Our customers gain significant added value for money, year-on-year, from their expensive HD satellite or cable subscriptions by making those channels accessible at all times, on more than just one TV in the home.

The multiroom hub delivers HD video and audio to your TVs over a single cable, called a Cat cable. The Cat cable connects to a mini receiver that fits discreetly behind your TV. The mini receiver connects directly to the TV via an HDMI cable. Access the content of every media device connected to the central hub at any or all of your TVs.


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